Government Offers Rebates To Entice Virginia Residents To Go Solar

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Why Go Solar?

Cheap Energy of The Future

Home-based solar power is still a relatively new technology. Like any new tech, the cost quickly decreases as the technology becomes more ubiquitous and easy to manufacture, install and use. Solar panels are already 70% cheaper today than they were 10 years ago.

Save Money

With customers saving upwards of $14,000 per installation, it’s no wonder why the program has been so successful. The trend is so popular and affordable now that solar panel companies are claiming to be signing up a new customer every five minutes!

Help Our Planet

By switching to residential solar energy you are helping the transition to a renewable energy source. Sustainable energy is the future! Once considered a vanity utility installed mostly by environmentalists, the industry has exploded to include more than a million photovoltaic solar installations.

Top Reasons to Go Solar and Receive a Free Quote

1. Say Goodbye to Crazy Energy Bills - By going solar, you can greatly reduce your bill
2. Increase Your Property Value - Solar panels will make your home more attractive in the market
3. Help Create Jobs
4. Save The Earth!
5. Be a Trendsetter!